Tuesday, September 20, 2011

good moments + I'm a weirdie

Today I woke up and went to play with my little guy (work). I can't believe I get payed to do puzzles and play Star Wars with other people's precious little kids (I will admit I rarely deliver in the department of playing Star Wars. I try to contribute and they just look up at me as if they pity me for even thinking I know what I'm talking about). But I do. Then I came home and couldn't quite decide what to do before my next "job"...hanging with other people's kids. 

Then I found myself laying on my bed, computer resting on my stomach and munching honey wheat pretzels. Then I looked up and realized I was sharing my bed with my pooch and my clean laundry. And it was just one of those moments. When you are warm and satisfied. I hope I never stop relishing in moments like these. 

Then I realized how weird and peculiar I am because today in Seattle it is beautiful and hot and sunny. That is a special combination here. Yet on days like these I usually prefer to be indoors. And that's why I'm a weirdie. 

So basically, this post is about nothing. Except remembering to enjoy the silly good moments and that it's okay to be weird. 

p.s. That picture was taken on my phone...which is not a fancy, modern-age phone. Hence the poor quality. 

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