Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Weekend.

i’ve been thinking of doing this for a while now. after i saw this floating around, i wanted to make my own version to hang on my wall. and knowing me, well, i had to make it all ~shnazzy~ so i made this 11x17 poster. i made it so you can download yourself one too, if you like. it’s a nice PDF file so you can take that to Kinko’s and blow it up and hang it nicely in your room or whateva.

Excuse me, happy long weekend. That's better. Here are my plans:

1. Make this for my bathroom and something similar to this for my front door.
2. Bake these for the hundredth time. (They are the definition of simple.)
3. Talk myself out of buying frivolous and unnecessary things like this and also these.
4.  Wish some more that I was strolling down the streets with Fred Dear while watching this.
5. And, because of the recent foot of snow outside my window, hang out in these favorites as much as possible.

Photo here.

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