Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby shoes (5x7)

I would rather spend every moment with my dearest family than to ever see the world.
I would prefer washing and mending tiny hands and feet over being glamorous and trendy.
I favor heart and character over status and opinion.


  1. Dearest Kate.

    I am a terrible blog poster. But you are incredible. Did you go to New York? We haven't talked in too long. The dog always needs to be walked during classes. Dumb dog. Just kidding. This post is beautiful. All of them are. But this one especially. My priorities are all mixed up, but yours, my friend, are quite inspiring. I love you!

  2. Kate-
    It's Sunday afternoon and I am scrolling down over your posts after being away from your blog way too long. I so love this one, and of course you. :) Abundantly sweet that it's on Nov. 1st...Remembering.
    Love Always,