Friday, October 22, 2010

Not {naked} anymore.

Lately, my walls have seemed a little bare. Even I, Miss Simplicity, couldn't bare it any longer (no pun intended).

So I pulled out my oldest of old felt scraps and some mustard thread and listened to the Seattle rain. You might already know how much I adore little banners. I still salivate when I look at this guy.

Then the wall next to this one was looking naked, also...

I love the idea of using a color wheel (among other old art 110 assignments), a postcard, a paper coaster, and fabric as wall decor.


To put up the fabric, I soaked it with some non-aerosol liquid starch, carefully spread it onto the wall and dabbed the edges with a sponge for about a minute. It dries overnight. The great thing is that when you are ready for something new, you can pull the fabric off the wall and not a trace of starch (or any other suspicious something) is left behind. Not so naked anymore. Ahh.

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