Thursday, February 25, 2010

A pothole garden

A pothole is a road's blemish. Nobody likes them. Say pothole to yourself and try making it nice-sounding. Pothole. We try avoiding them, we occasionally fill them, and someone somewhere has probably cursed them.

Then Pete Dungey {Mister Positive Attitude himself} came along and tried something we don't often do. He planted a garden in a pothole. He took something fairly permanently ugly and turned it into something that will most definitely lighten the outlook of the particular traveler who encounters it.

So. My task is to search high and low for another sort of pothole, or helplessly unattractive thing, and gussy it up a bit. With this perspective, I predict, my world might alter and all my potholes might just start looking like gardens.

Note: I acknowledge the fact that this garden has most likely been crushed by zooming tires more times than once. Don't rain on my parade.

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